Born in 1961, in Mineral Wells, Texas, I traveled the world at an
early age. I began to nurture a relationship with art and music as
my safe haven. Music is an intricate part of my being. Most of my
work illustrates the sound of music. Colorful resonances of
instruments, the brilliance of a vocalist’s tone and the intensity of
a charismatic dancer inspire me. Not all of my work is illustrated
by these elements, but all represent eras of influential musical
Overtime I have honed my skills to readily re-create my life
experiences and in some cases other life experiences in a visual
format using both oil and acrylic mediums. Although my training
in these mediums started at the high school level my main
development came from my experimentation and continued effort
over the years. My use of color and their relationship with each
other evolves as my perception matures and enlightenment
enhances as a contemporary painter.